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Tips To Stimulating The G-Spot

Pleasuring a woman has never been the easiest of tasks. While men can easily find pleasure during oral sexual intercourse, several minutes of penetration or even just hard and fast thrusting, the woman has two major areas by which she can experience mind-blowing orgasm and gain sexual satisfaction—the clitoris and the G-spot.

The first one has long been used by men during cunnilingus, with a few nibbling, sucking, and licking to do the trick to making a woman climax. But the G-spot has long been a mystery to men, not only because not all men are aware of its existence, but also because not a lot of people, even women, know where and how to find the G-spot.

Know the tips and tricks to giving your partner an explosive orgasm within a matter of minutes by finding a way to manually stimulate her G-spot. Before doing so, get to know the G-spot a little more so that you will know just what you will be dealing with the next time you are trying to pleasure your partner.

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What is a G-spot?

When people hear of the G-spot, most are baffled by exactly what it is. There have been sayings that this organ, a spongy mass of tissue that is only the size of a quarter or so, is the key to the best female sexual pleasure. When you find a way to manually stimulate this organ, an immediate and explosive orgasm will occur, pleasurable and hard enough that it usual causes a squirting ejaculation in women.

In the 1950s, the G-spot has been discovered by Dr Ernst Grafenberg—hence the term G-spot—and has long been compared to the male prostate gland. This area is harder to find because it is hidden within the anterior vaginal wall. The G-spot is mostly erectile tissue which causes it to swell when blood flows into it, much like the reaction of a penis during arousal.

Finding the G-spot

Though the G-spot has always been an elusive organ, some men have successfully probed and found it, and there are women who have experience orgasm from it.

The actual location of the G-spot is said to be two inches from the back of the vaginal opening. From the outside, the G-spot should be located somewhere on the same side as the bellybutton.

If you want to try G-spot stimulation with your partner, have her lie on her back on the bed with her legs spread open. Face your partner and insert your middle finger into her vagina as far as it can go without putting too much pressure or effort. Your finger should curve towards the bellybutton area, as that is the general direction where you can find the G-spot.

Remember that the G-spot is embedded with soft tissue around it. When your middle finger feels a rougher organ than the surrounding tissue, then you have probably hit the right spot. Try finding a way to manually stimulate it with your finger. Use a tapping motion or press on the organ with slight pressure. The moment it feels as though it were swelling, then you have probably hit the mark. Your partner’s reaction should also serve as some sort of clue, as most women would immediately react with pleasure or surprise at the slightest pressure on her G-spot.

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G Spot

Stimulate the G-spot

Once you have found that long-searched sweet spot, you have to use it to the best of your capabilities to bring sexual satisfaction to your partner. Though one way to manually stimulate the G-spot is to use your finger, there are other ways by which you can draw intense stimulation and pleasure from that spot.

Assist the stimulation

If you feel like your partner is not experiencing any stimulation, but you know that you have reached the spot, try to use your free hand to stimulate the area that is directly outside of the G-spot. This would be the mons pubis or the area above the pubic bone that usually has the pubic air. Massage the skin and apply pressure, so that the G-spot will be stimulated on both sides, intensifying the sensation.

If done properly, some women can actually experience multiple orgasms with repetitive and consistent stimulation of the G-spot. Just make sure that you have cut your nails beforehand, so that it will not interfere with your stimulation. Long nails may even cause discomfort especially when the woman is already convulsing with pleasure and coming.

Penile stimulation

Contrary to what others expect, penetration with the penis can actually provide stimulation for the G-spot. However, there are only certain positions by which this can be done.

One position is a modified version of the man-on-top, the other mimics the reverse cowgirl style, and the last is a style that pleasures both parties. For the first position, have your partner lie on her back, but with her buttocks and lower back raised. When you mount her, bend her legs so that her knees would each her breasts. Make sure to guide her to a comfortable position before thrusting hard and slow alternately. Your penis will be in direct contact with her G-spot.

For the second position, you will be lying on the bed while your partner straddles you. Have her back to you facing your feet, her legs bent outside of you extended ones. When she starts moving, allow her to not only move up and down but let her move in circles, so she can stimulate her G-spot at the pace she desires.

Lastly, a doggy style position can also be an effective way to stimulate the G-spot. Your partner should be on her hands and knees, but her buttocks should be raised up and her head has to rest down on the bed or a pillow. Kneel behind her and use her waist to pull her towards you when thrusting. Penetrate her in this position so that the head of your penis will be in direct contact with her G-spot.

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