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Meditation To Last LongerWe’ve all been there.  We try and try, but nothing is helping us perform in the bedroom.  We try those creams that make you go completely numb from head to toe (in fact, you’re actually pretty sure your dentist used that stuff the last time you got a root canal.)  Also, we try those “performance” supplements, that end up being nothing more that a dose of wishful thinking, a dash of placebo, and the rest is saw dust.  We’ve also tried those creative little techniques, but those don’t work either.  Why?  You’re having sex… of course you’re going to orgasm soon!

So what can you do?  How can you beat this problem in a safe, natural way that will allow both you and your partner to enjoy your intimate time together?  Why not study how medication can help you last longer in bed?

Meditation has worked for centuries, since the invention, or more like discovery, of tantric massage.  The Tantra methodology, which was originally developed by forbidden Hindu practices in India, literally crafted the best ways to harness your mind and body for the purpose of fully empowering and spiritualistic sex.  Tantric methods have been known to give people unbelievable satisfying sex lives, and produce multiple orgasms for both partners for every session.  Through tantric methods is how medication can help you last longer in bed.

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First Things First

If you haven’t ever meditated, then you need to give it a try.  For your first time, you should probably just wake up in the morning and get to know your own mind for fifteen minutes.  Sit there on your bed, sitting with your legs crossed, and close your eyes.  With your eyes closed, try to relax, calm your mind, and focus on something inside of you.  This may seem a little bit absurd, but it is essentially teaching you something about your thoughts.

What this teaches is that you are not necessarily encompassed in your thoughts, you are the observer of them.  You control your thoughts, and control of the mind is control of the body, and ultimately control of your spirit.

Your next step is to find guided meditation mp3s online, or you can even find videos.  Now these videos are likely to only contain sound, which is fine because your eyes will be closed.  Now, when you wake up the following morning after your first mediation, you will now engage in guided mediation.  This mp3 will probably teach you the balance of relaxation and control, as well as deep breathing.   All of these things are about to coincide with the bedroom, which is how mediation can help you last longer in bed.

Are You Ready?  Now Masturbate.

No, you need a “practice run” before you take this method to on how meditation can help you last longer in bed.  So, you need to close and lock that door, get some silicone-based (not water-based) lubricant, perhaps light some candles, and lay on your bed completely naked.

How meditation can help you last longer in bed is essentially that it relaxes your body and teaches you to breathe.  Relaxation is the key, and as you get to know your mind and body, you will be able to control it through meditation.  Here’s how:

Essentially, when your body is completely relaxed, all of your muscles are not tensed.  Now, ejaculation is actually closer to a reaction from stress.  What controls it is called the “sympathetic nervous system”, so it is not necessarily a completely anatomical reflex.  To ejaculate almost requires a certain measure of mental will to release.  This is one reason why people tend to feel more relaxed after an orgasm; it is because they were able to respond to their current life stresses through the sympathetic nervous action of an ejaculatory reflex.  In layman’s terms, you’ve just released your problems… all over your partner.  How meditation can help you last longer in bed is by controlling the sympathetic nervous reflex through relaxing all of your muscles.

Also, how mediation can help you last longer in bed is through teaching you to breath properly.  We’ve all been there: you are sweating, your pupils are dilated, both of you are absolutely turned on, and you simply start to hyperventilate or forget to breathe in a rhythmic pattern.  When this occurs, your blood becomes either starved or engorged with oxygen and your mind slightly begins to lose control over basic motor functions.  When your muscles have issues with oxygen regulation, they tighten and strain, which activates your sympathetic nervous system to release the “tension”. How meditation can help you last longer in bed is by controlling your breathing, which in turn controls your muscles.

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The Real Deal

Ok, so you are both kissing and cuddling, you think it is about ready to apply what you’ve learned about yourself and how meditation can help you last longer in bed.  The key here is to not approach this like you would a college final exam.  If you do, then you will tense, freeze, and most likely end up prematurely ejaculating yet again.  What you do is simply relax and breathe.  Meditation is training your mind, body, and spirit to operate as a single unit.  It trains your reflexes, which are not controlled by the mind.

Now, there is a good chance that how mediation can help you last longer in bed will not do so within the first week.  But, if you’ve been meditating for fifteen minutes, once a day, every day for a month, then you will definitely notice the results.  There are fewer ways that can help you the way that meditation can.

Premature ejaculation can be stopped by the effectiveness of how mediation can help you last longer in bed, as these are methods that have been developed over centuries.

In addition to that, you may also be able to buy mp3s that specifically relate to guided meditation on sexual performance.  If you really want to hit the nail on the head, then that is a great place to go.

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