How To Delay Ejaculation


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A Few Tips on How to Delay Ejaculation

Men suffer because of rapid ejaculation – the main reason why most men would like to understand how to delay ejaculation. Rapid ejaculation is one of the most usual problems in men. Most men experience premature climax at least once in their lives. Unfortunately, there are men who experience this condition more than once in their lives. Some men took years before they were able to delay or control premature climax. When premature ejaculation turns into a problem, men suffer in sexual anxiety. This anxiety, when not resolved, will definitely grow into sexual problems with their partners.

According to most studies, it takes time for women to warm up in bed; therefore, it takes longer for them to experience climax. Moreover, there are certain psychological and environmental factors that can possibly contribute to the ejaculation problem. While men occasionally disregard the relationship between sexual performance and emotional stability, rapid ejaculation can be caused by stress over monetary and financial matters, temporary depression, a history of sexual repression, naive expectations about sexual performance, and lack of confidence.  On the other hand, premature climax should be distinguished from erectile dysfunction. Also known as male impotence, this condition is the inability of men to get or maintain an erection of the penis during sexual performance. Rapid ejaculation is much easier to work out as compared to male impotence.

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Gain Complete Control: Know How to Delay Ejaculation

How To Delay EjaculationThere are many ways to delay ejaculation. Sexual psychotherapists recommend a few direct techniques to prevent or control early ejaculation. One technique is masturbation. Masturbation is most likely the easiest way to find out how the body responds to sex. This is why it is advisable to masturbate if one is expecting to have sex in a few hours. The key benefits of masturbating are the release of body stress and allowing men to ejaculate. Men can train themselves to last longer through regular masturbation. Keep in mind, never rush masturbation. When men’s objective is to increase sexual stamina and control ejaculation, never hurry masturbation. Make an effort to do this in a calm and relaxed manner.

Breathing techniques are certainly considered the most appropriate way to stay calm and relaxed while having sex. Taking a deep breath as one feel premature climax is approaching will briefly switch off ejaculation reflex. Use the method of inhaling and exhaling deeply while constantly raising the level of arousal. Breathing is a great example of physical control.

Another technique to delay premature climax is controlling one’s PC (pubococcygeus) muscle. PC muscle is hammock-like muscle that controls the flow of urine and contracts during orgasm. This muscle triggers the ejaculatory response; therefore, it is wise to keep this muscle relaxed to last longer during intercourse. Kegel exercise directly involves the movement of PC muscles that is why this has been prescribed to restructure male impotence and help men control premature climax.

Do foreplay before the actual intercourse. The routine of starting and stopping stimulation helps out to lengthen the time taken to reach climax. Stimulating and pleasuring each other at the same time is intimate, and allows both party to learn what the other likes. Practice the start-and-stop masturbation technique.

Physical control is an ultimate must. Once actual intercourse is happening, do steady thrusts. Men need to do thrusting using actual hip movements. Hip movements can control the whole body; hence, the mind can become familiar with this intense stimulation. It helps to stay calm and steady with the practice of breathing technique.

Mental control may include an option to think about something boring while inhaling and exhaling to take the mind off the more exciting things. Distracting oneself by thinking about office or football can help. Just refrain from thinking out loud.

The squeeze procedure involves lightly squeezing the base or end of the male sexual organ and stopping sexual stimulation until the compulsion for ejaculation passes. The squeezing can be performed by either the guy or his mate, and can be repeated until ejaculation is wanted.

Finally, never begin masturbation or starting sex with a full bladder. This will trigger pressure to the PC muscles, as well as the prostate, which will easily stimulate ejaculatory reflex. Be sure to get into the habit of visiting the toilet prior to initiating sexual intercourse.

The above techniques are just basic methods that men can follow to control an early climax. As men practice and focus to control breathing, their ability to prevent and control quick stimulation will enhance.  Because of these, man’s control skills will sooner or later turn out to be his finest asset when it comes to giving sexual pleasures. The combination of these techniques will eventually help men to last longer with their partners. On the contrary, the above methods presented are just a small evident part when it comes to learning how to suspend ejaculation. There are still many ways on how to delay ejaculation.

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Prevent Premature Ejaculation by Embracing the Techniques on How to Delay Ejaculation

Now that men have learned the different techniques on how to interrupt ejaculation, it is time to put it into action. Learning the above techniques will be worthless unless men put their heart into achieving what they desire. The key to achieve success on the suspension or prevention of early climax depends on the man’s skill sets. Knowledge will only turn into skills when one has mastered the use and application of that knowledge. It is always believed that practice makes perfect. Therefore, men should start practicing these techniques until they have mastered it. A good motivation is a start.

A few years ago, looking for the best and most applicable ejaculation treatment can be very challenging, and frustrating at the same time. But today, because of the internet and modern technology, finding solutions for this problem is no longer a big cause of stress. Men can always go online and search for the things they need. They can also opt to buying books or purchase downloadable e-books. Because of the availability of resources, it is definitely easy to learn how to delay ejaculation.

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