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How To Last Longer In Bed For Men Without PillsFor men, premature ejaculation, or PE, can be devastating to any intimate relationship.  You often find yourself in that moment right after you orgasmed only a few minutes in to intercourse.  It can be very embarrassing, and you find yourself apologizing after sex.  You shouldn’t have to apologize, and ideally she should be thanking you for the great time.

The problem is, you might have some kind of condition that may inhibit you from taking any kind of pills or medication to fix this common problem.  You might be worried about those pills messing with your male sexual health.  You also might be worried about the cost of these pills.  Don’t worry, because you only need yourself.  How to last longer in bed for men without pills is actually quite simple, as there are quite a few useful tips and tricks to get the job done.

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It’s Time To Workout

There are two kinds of exercises that will enable you to last longer in bed for men without pills.  The first kind is the normal kind, and the second kind is the not-so-normal kind.  Let’s take a look:

  • Normal exercise – Yep, you guessed it, you need to hit the gym.  Getting in shape will help you last much longer in bed than you did before, and this alone has the potential to cure your premature ejaculation problem.
    • The reason for this is because a healthy man equals a health penis.  When you are experiencing proper blood flow because you’ve been doing a bunch of cardio, your penis will be able to get rock hard erections.  This means that it will put pressure on the necessary places in order to hold off on an orgasm.
  • You can do a few exercises with your penis that will help you last longer in bed for men without pills.  We explain further.

The Kegel Exercises have been most commonly used to help you last longer in bed for men without pills.   These exercises will give you that necessary strength to keep an orgasm at bay.  Do some additional research on the Kegel exercises for the specific way on how to do them.  Do note that you can do these wherever you are. (in the car, at work, watching TV, etc.)

Masturbate a lot.  Frequent masturbation will do several things for you.  The first is that you will retain a high sex drive, but your semen reservoir will not be full to the brim.

The second is that you can experiment and teach yourself how to keep from orgasming by stopping right at the right moment and then starting up again.  If you learn this system well, you can last all night.

The third is that masturbation works a lot like the Kegel Exercises, in that you are working out the crucial muscles for staving off an orgasm.

The Percentages Method

This common method has been used be many sex therapists, when helping guys last longer in bed for men without pills.  The Percentages Method is a way to let you know when you’re about to ejaculate.  Often times, half the reason why men deal with premature ejaculation is because that moment simply catches them off guard.  You find yourself in the heat of the situation, and it’s like watching a glass off wine fall off the countertop:  You watch it in slow motion, but because it’s already happening, you can do very little to stop it.  Thus, the percentages method will help against this exact problem.

When using The Percentages Method, again, you need to masturbate.  (Yes, I know this is a difficult one, but I think you can get through it.)  Masturbation will give you idea of your “turned on level”.  Here’s an idea of what percentages look like in terms of how turned on you are.

  • 10% is when you see a sexy girl on TV.  You get a small erection, but not much else.
  • 40% is like watching a porn movie.  Now, you’re not touching yourself at this point, but you are considerably turned on.
  • 60% is when your girlfriend steps out of the bathroom wearing sexy lingerie.
  • 70% is when you’re having sex at the beginning.
  • 95% is that moment when you find yourself thinking, “Oh no, I’m about to orgasm!”
  • 100% is when you are orgasming.

When you masturbate.  Attempt to gauge your percentage level.  When you actually get a feel for your percentages, you will have a pretty good idea of when you need to stop, and do something else for the moment, or simply switch positions.

During sex, you will want to keep your level at 70% for as long as possible, or at least until she has an orgasm.  After that, feel free to have a satisfying, intense orgasm.  You earned it.

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Try Different Positions

If you are having issues on how to last longer in bed for men without pills, then you might try different positions during intercourse.  Different positions will switch up the routine, which is always great for bringing down stimulation factor.

Try looking for positions that will get her off, but also ones that don’t do much for you.  This way, you can simply keep doing these positions, at least until she has an orgasm.  Once you’ve minded your manners and let ladies first, then you can go to a position you love, and bring it all the way home.

In Summary

How to last longer in bed for men without pills doesn’t necessarily have to be difficult or take immense amounts of self-discipline.  You just need to know your body, and you need to employ a few helpful tips and tricks along the way.  You might be surprised just what you can do, if you come into bed armed with knowledge.  Before you know it, she will think you’re a hero, because she has some of the most satisfying sex ever when she’s with you.

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