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How To Last Longer While Getting HeadThis is a question that has had men rubbing their noggins over for the last, say, fifty million years. Oral sex is one of the most satisfying things under the sheets, but sometimes, it can be a little too satisfying. Too often, men find themselves over stimulated to the point where they orgasm in under two minutes. This can pose a problem, because usually women want to go for a long time. To answer how to last longer while getting head, you have to figure out what stimulates you to the brink, and what helps you keep going. Some positions and techniques are going to feel better than others, and a change up in routine has the ability to prevent premature ejaculation. If you are having problems with premature ejaculation while getting head, don’t worry, because there’s nothing wrong with your body. You just need to change your thinking.

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The Change Up

Her head is bobbing up and down and she’s got a great rhythm going. You are quickly finding that it feels so good that you just can’t seem to contain yourself. Then, before you can even realize, BAM! You just had an orgasm and you haven’t even been in the position for all that long. What do you do?


Instead of keeping the same rhythm going, try getting her to either slow down or speed up. Rhythm is what can get you comfortable, and this comfort leads to overall excitement. If she changes up her rhythm throughout the oral sex, then it will through off your stimulation, allowing you to hold off on the orgasm.


She has been going at it steadily licking the same part of your penis for the past five minutes, and she hasn’t stopped. Often times, women make the mistake in thinking that we won’t orgasm just because something feels good. The reality is that if anything is going on down there that feels great, chances are, we are going to orgasm shortly. What’s the solution?


It is important to get her to stop licking or sucking on the same part of the penis for the entire time. Constant stimulation to the same focused area will almost inevitably cause a premature ejaculation, especially if you are someone that deals regularly with PM. So, what you do is try to get her to lick different parts of the same region, such as the shaft, the balls, and the inner thighs. This will tease you, to keep up your sexual intensity, but at the same time, it won’t bring you to an orgasm too quickly.

Thought Discipline

Unfortunately, guys have a high sex drive, but we become satisfied far too quickly. If we are in “the zone” for too long, then an orgasm is soon on the way. Women, on the other hand, can be completely enveloped in sexual bliss and last all night. Lucky.

It is very easy to find yourself in a heightened mental sexual state with only a few minutes into the oral sex.


For how to last longer while giving head, a great idea is to focus on other things, but your orgasm. Sex, especially oral sex, is not a race. So, enjoy the experience for as long as possible, and explore all the aspects about what is going on around you. Play with her hair, feel the sheets, smell the candles, do anything to distract yourself from your coming orgasm (no pun intended). Of course, you should keep your thoughts in context and not start thinking about how your team will make it to the Super Bowl next year. Nothing will put a damper on intimacy like losing a hard-on from out of context thoughts.

Concentrate On Her

Don’t things feel better when they’re all about you? She’s giving you and your penis all her attention. Every stroke is an effort on her part to make you feel amazing. These thoughts can lead to ecstasy, but unfortunately, that can lead to premature ejaculation. Now you don’t feel so good anymore. How to last longer while getting head has a lot to do with your efforts, as well as hers. Here’s how.


Try to find ways to please her while she’s giving head to you. For instance, if she is beside you, you can pet and caress her while she’s going down on you. This will bring your concentration off of you and back on to her, where it should be.

Better yet, how to last longer while getting head may mean that you use the 69 position to switch things up. Ultimately, you will be concentrating on her, while she’s concentrating on you. With some discipline, and a little bit of luck, you might just cum together. There is little more satisfying than that.

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Your Last Ditch Effort

Sometimes, it’s just too much, and nothing you can do is working. You’ve tried to take your mind off your orgasm. You’ve also even tried to take your mind off the fact that you’re getting oral in the first place, but she seems to be a pro. There is simply no way, and you have to orgasm whether you like it or not. All hope is not lost; as there is one more thing you can do on how to last longer while getting head.


If you are finding that you can’t help but cum, then gently tell her to stop… right now. Then grip the very base of your shaft with your thumb and forefinger. Try your best to squeeze on that main blood vessel that runs down the underside. Yes, that one.

When you squeeze here, it will effect blood flow, and put extra pressure on your urethra. This will do a somewhat good job at suppressing an ejaculation, just in time for you to calm down a bit. Of course, you can also do other exercises in your spare time to ensure that you can control your orgasm as well. If you show the common courtesy to wait before the big moment, she will be impressed at your self-control.

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