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Last Longer During Intercourse by Beating Premature Ejaculation

Last longer during intercourse is one of the things that a lot of men would definitely like to have. Aside from the fact that it can provide them longer sexual pleasure and lasting time for sex, this too can surely provide satisfaction for their partners and as well as make them impressed with their sexual capabilities. Unfortunately, lasting longer during sex is not an easy thing to do nowadays. This is due to the fact that more and more men are already suffering from different types of male sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. PE or premature ejaculation is considered one of the major hindrances in men in achieving a long satisfying intercourse. Because of this, one of the most common questions asked by men suffering from this type of condition is whether there is truly an effective treatment that can help cure premature ejaculation. In order to find the answers to this burning question, read on.

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Locating a Cure in Order to Last Longer During Intercourse

Before getting down to the cure in achieving longer sex, it is still necessary for men to learn first what the meaning of premature ejaculation is. Although this type of sexual dysfunction has already affected countless number of men around the world, it is still common to hear from males who are clueless about this kind of sexual health abnormality. Premature ejaculation, or also called as rapid climax or premature orgasm, is a classified male sexual dysfunction that is characterized by the irregularly fast or untimely release or expulsion of seminal fluid during stimulation or sexual intercourse. These days, a lot of men have already experienced this type of ejaculation problem. And although it is not considered as a type of disease, this condition can still cause a huge impact on men and must never be taken lightly. According to some experts with regards to sexual dysfunctions, a complete ejaculation can be classified as premature once the expulsion occurs 2 minutes or less after the initial penetration or start of stimulation. However, this definition or description is not applicable to all since most men do Anxiety Manexperience an early release of semen in more than half of their experiences in dating sex. Until now, the main cause or reason as to why most men suffer from rapid climax is still unknown. However, there are already some triggering factors that are said to contribute to the occurrence of this male sexual dysfunction.

One of the most common causes or triggering factors that can lead to premature ejaculation is anxiety, stress and tension. Experts have linked performance anxiety as one of the primary factors that can increase the chances of experiencing problems in the ejaculation process. This is the reason why it is recommended for men who suffers rapid ejaculation to practice proper and effective relaxing and breathing techniques. These methods are said to be useful since they help in alleviating the feelings of tension, stress and anxiety in the body through the use of deep breathing exercises. This is said to be effective in order to have complete control over anxiety and prevent the problem of PE.

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Other Recommended Tips to Last Longer During Intercourse

Just like most other problems and irregularities in the body, having a good eating diet can a fine living routine can also play a big impact on the sexual health of men. Eating nutritious foods and avoiding unhealthy lifestyle practices such as smoking or drinking can help reduce the chances of any abnormal reactions to the body, which includes most of the sexual dysfunctions experienced by men. Aside from this, proper exercise can also enhance physical control over the situation. There are already many types of ejaculation exercises that are made in order to help lessen the chances of experiencing rapid climax or orgasm. One of these is through the practice of kegel’s exercise. This type of exercise is commonly recommended for women who are pregnant in order to help prepare the pelvic muscles of their body especially during the delivery of the baby.  These days, men can also use kegel’s exercise in order to strengthen the ejaculatory muscles, which is very useful in prolonging sexual activities or having total control over the release of semen during stimulation. In addition to these, mastering mental control can also help prevent premature ejaculation. The mind is considered to be a very powerful influence of the body. This means that the body can react accordingly to what the mind thinks off. This includes achieving orgasm. Because of this, PE can also be prevented once men gain complete control over their minds. This can be done by diverting thoughts to things that are not sexually-related such as food, fashion or even sports. By diverting these thoughts, PE can be prevented and it can also delay ejaculation effectively. Aside from this, the ejaculatory reflex can also be toned down, which can efficiently cancel untimely or too early release of the semen. This will not only provide the man longer sex, but it can also give more time for the partner to enjoy the experience until she will reach orgasm.

If in case these exercises and activities won’t work in prolonging sexual intercourse, there are also other pharmacologic interventions that are specifically designed for ejaculation treatment. These days, there are already many types of sexual medicine that are made in order to cure premature ejaculation. Once of the most common is the pill called Duramale. Drinking 2 pills of Duramale can help provide ejaculation control and can also prolong time for sex. However, it is still important to seek the advice of a professional in order to provide a health check and determine whether these pills are safe to use based on the user’s health condition. Another medicine that can be used is the desensitizing creams. These creams are made in order to lessen the sensitivity of the penis. Once the penis is overly sensitive, it has the tendency to resort to the premature ejaculation of the semen. These are just some of the useful techniques that men can use in order to help them last longer during intercourse.

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