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PC Muscle Exercises For Lasting Longer In the Bedroom

Men are almost always looking for a way to have better performance under the sheets.  Unfortunately, it isn’t easy for all men to control premature ejaculation, as some of that does have to do with heredity.  The ability to have superior muscle control is something that is anatomical by nature, but exercise also helps establish control.

This is one reason why men have used PC muscle exercises in order to last longer in bed.  These PC muscles exercises are better known as the Kegel exercises.

What are the overall advantages to using the PC muscle exercises for performance in the bedroom?  The answer is rather simple: if you workout your muscles, then they will grow stronger and give you more control (and that includes the muscles in your penis and pelvis as well.)

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How PC Muscle Exercises Work

PC MuscleThe PC muscle exercises work in two basic steps.  There is identification of the muscles, and then there is the working out of those muscles.

First, the best way to go about accessing your PC muscles is by cutting off urine flow. Essentially, you will want to head to the bathroom the next time nature calls.  As you unzip your pants and let out the flow, cut it off for three seconds.  When you cut off the flow of urine, you are actually doing that with those PC muscles.  Now, do bear in mind, this will feel very strange and it will not be comfortable in the least. But, you will want to do this one more time to set your muscle memory in stone.

One of the biggest reasons why this method for identifying your PC muscles works so well, is because, it does feel uncomfortable.  This slight “pain” will help with the identification, and it will forever imprint that feeling in your muscle memory.

Your next step is to begin your contracting exercises.  Basically, contracting exercises are exactly how they sound.  You will want to practice contracting your PC muscles in “reps”, just like pumping iron at the gym.  The beauty of this exercise is the simple fact that you can do it at the gym, or sitting on your couch eating potato chips.  You can do it absolutely anywhere, because no one will be able to see you contract your pelvic floor muscles through the PC muscle exercises.

Your first step is to contract your PC muscles for ten seconds, then rest for five.  You will notice that this is not easy by any stretch of the imagination.  In fact, it will be uncomfortable again, but it is important that you work through this on your first time.  You will want to go ten reps on your first of the PC muscle exercises.

Next, you will want to continue this tomorrow, but if you are just too sore, then feel free to adjust your routine to fit what your body wants.  You do not want to strain those muscles, as the are the ones that stop you from wetting your pants.

Once you’ve done your ten rep PC muscle exercises, then you will want to move to twenty for the next week.  After that, you will move to thirty on the following week.  Once you’ve reached the thirty-week three of your PC muscle exercises program, you are free to do as many as you like on the weeks thereafter.  Now, you will not want to stop, and you should land somewhere around twenty to thirty at least, but you don’t have to keep on increasing your reps.  Thirty per week is good enough for any sexual performance seeker.

The Benefits of the PC Muscle Exercises

Essentially, you will notice that three things are going to happen to your sex life when you are engaged in these PC muscle exercises.

First, you will notice that your erections are extremely hard and solid.  Also, the strength of your erections if up, and there will be much more “upward force” from the base of your shaft.  The reason for this is the simple fact that your PC muscle exercises have strengthened the muscles in your penis, giving the ability for more blood to flow to the erection sight.  You may also want to not that many prostate and testicular cancer issues arise because of hindered blood flow.  It may be theorized that the Kegel Exercises and PC muscle exercises may decrease your chance of these types of male cancers.

Next, you will notice that the sex you have is much more gratifying than before.  It should not be much of a mental jump to consider the way sex feels when you are constantly on the brink of losing your erection.  So, when you have an extremely hard erection, sex would obviously feel much better.  The reason is that the nerves in your penis are much more attuned to stimulation when they are inflated by an erection.

Last, your performance increase will be undeniable.  The reason is because PC muscle exercises have cause you to strengthen your urethral reflex muscles and other essential ones in your penis base and shaft.  Thus, you will be able to hold off an orgasm for the exact time you want to have it.  This will add a good twenty minutes to your sexual experience, which is often enough to satisfy your partner, and make her think that you are a pro.

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The PC muscle exercises are some of the most creative, convenient, and covert ways on how to better your performance in bed.  The ability to last longer in bed is largely determined by your ability to control your own reflexes and muscles.  Through the PC muscle exercises, you will not only be able to identify that “point of no return” because you will know your own PC muscles, but you will also be able to control them, keeping that point as far off as you want it.  This is the essence of control, which is what makes PC muscle exercises so effective.

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