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How To Cure Premature Ejaculation

Lasting long in bed is one of the goals that men try to achieve each time they engage in sexual intercourse. A delayed ejaculation not only enables them to experience and savor the sensation more, but also allows the receptive partner to feel pleasure during sexual activity.

There are several techniques and methods to achieving this end result. What is assured here is that practice eventually makes perfect, because there is no one cure-all for premature ejaculation. If anything, you will have to train your will power and stamina with the various techniques so that you can reach the ejaculatory threshold at a slower pace and eventually last longer in bed without having to rely on external forces other than your own.

Follow some of these techniques and start training yourself to shed the quick shooter in you. Treatment of premature ejaculation is actually easier than most men give it credit for. If you try improving yourself with some of these techniques, you will be looking at a more satisfying sexual activity in bed every night.

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Start-Stop Method

Start Stop MethodMost men usually last only five to ten minutes when it comes to reaching orgasm via masturbation. This is the reason why premature ejaculation seems like a very common thing among men. Even those who are not necessarily quick to come may think of themselves as quick shooters, without realizing that reaching even just five minutes of penetration is a good mark in itself.

The problem here is that with just five minutes of thrusting, a woman would most likely not cum in that short period of time. So when the man comes before his partner, the assumption is that he is suffering from premature ejaculation.

It is good to try exceeding your usual intravaginal ejaculation latency time so that you can also heighten the sensations for your partner and allow her to have an orgasm before you. For most men with this problem, the start-stop method is a good technique to practice with since it does not involve any harmful medications and relies solely on one’s will power to accomplish and improve.

Hit the fifteen minute mark by letting yourself climb up the sensation but stopping just before you feel like coming. Restart the process and repeat until you reach the time limit. The next time you do this, aim for a longer time period, so you can train yourself to withhold to as long as half an hour to an hour.

Another version of the start-stop method is to use it as a masturbatory technique. Some men who do not want to immediately practice this method with their partners often try to train their stamina while masturbating.

In order to do this, they have to recognize the tickling sensation which is felt just before the man experiences an orgasm. The man then has to stop the masturbatory technique and allow the sensation to ebb before starting up again. This not only trains you to outlast your own threshold but also gives you a more pleasurable sensation as stopping close to ejaculation and suddenly halting actually brings more pleasure and a heightened awareness for men.

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Self-Distraction During Sex

To get a more satisfying sexual experience, men should learn how to slow down, because achieving an orgasm with your partner is supposedly the best sensation that will bring sexual satisfaction. Sometimes, this becomes an impossibility because most men have a one-track mind when it come to orgasms. It is as if they are racing against time to reach the ejaculatory threshold for immediate release. While this may come from the need to feel good, it does not necessarily mean that this kind of thinking will also apply to women.

Instead of conjuring up images that would help you come faster, try distracting yourself especially when you are starting to feel that the state of arousal you are in is dangerously close to ejaculation. Allow your partner to climax before you, but to do this, you will have to slow down your determination to immediately come.

Try thinking of boring things like textbooks, science experiments, or even basketball or football games instead of picturing your partner in an erotic lingerie. Try closing your eyes if you feel like the image of your partner moaning below you is too much of a stimulation. These small techniques will help you last longer and grant sexual satisfaction to both parties.

Squeeze Method

Squeeze techniques have become more common during sexual intercourse, given that the partner is willing to help out. To do this, clear communication between partners is necessary for it to work. The man would have to tell his partner if he is nearing his release. At the moment when he feels like he is about to cross the line, his partner would squeeze the tip of the penis for a few seconds to withhold the stimulation.

This process can be repeated until the woman has experienced orgasm or for as long as the man would like to delay his ejaculation.

The squeeze technique has two major benefits for men. The first is that the squeeze method can train the man to withhold his release and build a better stamina for sexual satisfaction. He will be trained to prolong the time for ejaculation. At the same time, the squeeze technique is actually a pleasurable experience, since stopping at the moment of coming heightens the sensations for the man. In addition, prolonging the minutes of penetration provides extra pleasure for the man.

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